Physics is an effort to understand the nature. The aim of the physics department is to teach students the basics of Physics and Mathematics, to give basic knowledge and skills for industry and technology, and to prepare students for graduate education.With a education of physics department, physicists who can interpret nature and mathematics together. The physicists have a wide range of fields of study, work as a researcher in medical physics, occupational safety expertise and AR-GE laboratories. In addition to these, investgate of molecules, solid and liquid objects, design and production of advanced technology materials, semiconductor and optical system technology are all areas of application of physics.

Our Physics Department includes both theoretical and experimental research areas. The fields of Solid State Physics, High Energy,  Particle Physics, computational calculations are the areas of research. Especially the theoretical investigations of chemical and physical analyisis are done with the help of computers. In the experimental area, single crystal synthesis, semiconductor production and characterization, diode and transistor device production and performance measurements are carried out.

A total of seven (7) academic staff are employed in our physics department, including one (1) professor and six (6) PhD research assistants. In our physics department, the fields of Solid State Physics, High Energy and Particle Physics are studied. Our department has been developing its physical and academic infrastructure in a fast and stable manner and prepares to be opened to Education-Training as soon as possible.

Mission and Vision

Sinop University Physics Department mission;

The main focus of our purpose is to learn the basic laws of nature in an academic environment which is open-minded, aware of the mutual ethical values of humanity, who have a responsibility to take knowledge step further, who also have mutual respect and affection and who also have a social responsibility. The Department of Physics aims to produce new knowledge through its lifelong learning and research activities, to conduct academic research that will produce scientific knowledge and technology in the interests of our region and our country, and to carry out studies that are valuable in a national and international level.